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Behringer Ddm4000 Mapper For Virtual Dj Salbrya

midi sending out signals if you plug in the vst4 outputs. I tend to use midi mode. If I ever need it, I can route the midi's output to a separate midi-out port and use the aux outputs to control the effects. From what I've read, the usb to vst path on the Behringer's current model (vst4) is a bit quirky. You have to plug one usb output into one midi-output and it connects the rest of the usb inputs to the vst4 outputs via the usb to vst path. Also, you need to use the exact same soundcard as your computer. Otherwise, you will run into problems when using usb to midi. (I ran into that when I first bought this unit). Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, all of the midi controllers I've used are midi-connected, and it doesn't matter what card you use. So, that shouldn't be a problem for the vst4 path. Okay, thanks. That's all I need to know. I have an X-Keys II, and it works with the Behringer's VST4 midi inputs with no problems. So, if you have a midi keyboard, that should work. Also, the X-Keys II has 6 midi channels and can also record each channel. That might be useful for recording your drums while you play on the keyboard. Also, does anyone know if it's possible to play a vst4 app from the keyboard in midi mode? Originally posted by Pattee P.S. I'd recommend one of the other Behringer VST4 compatible models, such as the VLS4 or VC4. Yes, the X-keys II will work in midi mode. As long as it is connected to the X-keys II's midi outputs, it will

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